Pure Aloe Gel


Primitive Aloe Gel protects, repairs, moisturizes and soothes even the most sensitive skin, wrinkled and red, helping to restore its optimal conditions thanks to the natural bio-activity of the raw material.

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Dermatologically Tested
Nickel Tested
Pure Aloe Gel protects, repairs, moisturises and soothes even the most sensitive stressed and reddened skins, favouring the renewal of its optimal conditions thanks to the natural bioactivity of the raw materials contained. Ideal for daily protection and for its SOS action.

What makes it unique?

Our unique process guarantees the highest level of actives are safeguarded. The first globally available pure gel with no added water and only pure double-concentrate, non pasteurized and non carbon filtered aloe vera juice extracted using the reversosmose® process, never before used for the extraction of Aloe vera.
AloeVera reason

For you who:

  • have suffered minor burns
  • want to combat redness often caused by stressed skin, blocked pores and excessive contact (diapers, tight clothing etc)
  • suffer from sensitive gums often prone to bleeding
  • want to soothe dry skin on both hands and feet
  • want to relieve discomfort caused by mosquito bites
  • want to soothe the skin after shaving or hair removal procedures
  • want a natural after sun to deeply hydrate the skin after UV exposure


Apply generously to the affected area and massage in until completely absorbed.

*Double concentrated Aloe Barbadensis

Any stickiness temporary changes in color or fragrance depend solely on natural product. Aloe Gel primitive is not a drug or a curative product, but a dermo-cosmetic topical gel that provides immediate relief. Formulated without preservatives added, using only those already present to stabilize the raw material of origin. The use of this product is contraindicated in case of individual ipersentibilità ascertained at the same and any of its components. Keep the appropriate place. For external use only.