Professional manual of Cosmetics



The Professional Manual of Cosmetics is an encyclopedic work that isvaluable, rich and largely structured with a intense and fascinating text, which aims to explain once and for all the categories, purposes and components that characterize the cosmetics and teaches you to read and understand the labelling, to make an informed choice when purchasing.

A noble goal that involves necessary clarification, most notably relating to legislation, as well as further information on interesting and enjoyable topics like the evolution of cosmetics in history and expert curiosities, such as the journey of the cosmetic from its design until its arrival in the hands of consumers.
This manual that is unique in the world is made up of 320 enriched pages to explore with an enthralling read, suitable both for consumers and experts in the industry.

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Author: Viviana Fontanari, Carlo Delucca
Size: 160 pagine
Language: Italian
ISBN: 978-88-900309-5-6