Professional manual of Aromotecnica



The objective proposed by this manual is to execute a technical investigation of aromatherapy and the innovative processes that led to the founding of the new discipline of AROMOTECNICA®. Work defined by many as "ecumenical" thanks to the efforts of the comprehensive survey.
From a scientific analysis of all the substances contained in the oils, you proceed to discover the secrets linked to popular traditions and oriental medicine.
Hundreds of colourful pages guide you gently into the fascinating world of aromotecnica, rewarding us with a broad and comprehensive view. Forty-two complete profiles illustrate the characteristics and properties of each essential oil. A definitive text for both professionals and the novice eager to educate himself with solid technical foundations. A book dedicated to the real experts on the subject.
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Authors: Stefano Sala, Marco Stenico, Diego Spasiano e Luigi Miori
Size: 310 pages
Language: Italian
ISBN: 9-788890-030994