Get ready to assimilate all those Aloe benefits!


PrimAloe is developed from ZUCCARI’s Research to help your body assimilate the best way all the Aloe actives contained in a Pure Juice. Its formula offers you the max support each time you start an Aloe treatment, in case you suspended it for a timeframe of two o more months. PrimAloe contains Aloe vera double concentrated through the ReversOsmose process, plus the exclusive EasyAbsosb mix of active ingredients, to support the natural activity of Aloe vera, especially important during the first day of consumption.

Perfect if:

  • you are discovering Aloe juices, and you want to get the best consumption
  • you’re an early adopter and always give priority to the most innovative formulas
  • you are consuming Aloe Pure Juice, but you’re headed somewhere and need travel-friendly stick-packs

Packaging: 15 stick-packs x12,5ml box

Active principles:

Aloe vera double concentrated through the ReversOsmose process


  • HONEY known for its outstanding properties
  • REDNITE Beta vulgaris extract, having an anti-oxidant action
  • BLUEBERRY which improves microcirculation
  • D-RIBOSE a monosaccharide that is naturally present in our body and is involved in a large number of metabolic processes
  • SHIITAKE an extract rich in polysaccharides (different from those found in Aloe), which supports the natural defences of the body
For a correct use of the product it is recommended to take one stick-pack per day, with a pause of 2 days every 5 of them, until reaching 3 weeks. It is possible to drink PrimAloe straight from the stick-pack or to dilute it in a beverage of choice.

Ingredients and average content in 12.5ml (daily dosage) / 100ml: ALOE VERA (Syn. ALOE BARBADENSIS MILL.) 100% PURE JUICE 0% OF THE LEAF FILLET* 10.63mg / 85mg • HONEY 2.40mg / 19.2mg • SHIITAKE (LENTINULA EDODES (BERK.) PEGLER) SPOROPHORE std. dry extract  10% POLYSACCHARIDES 60mg / 480mg • REDNITETM (BETA VULGARIS L.) ROOT std. dry extract 0.3% BETANIN 50mg / 400mg • BLUEBERRY (VACCINIUM MYRTILLUS L.) FRUIT std. dry extract 1% ANTHOCYANOSIDES 50mg / 400mg • d-RIBOSE 30mg / 240mg • ACIDIFIER:  CITRIC ACID • PRESERVATIVES: SODIUM BENZOATE, POTASSIUM SORBATE.

Keep out of reach of children under 3. Food supplements do not substitute a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is contraindicated for individuals who are hypersensitive to the product itself and any of its constituents. Store in dry and cool place. We advise against the use of this product during pregnancy, lactation and in case of overt disease of the intestine. Keep in a suitable place away from heat sources.