Olio del Re Refreshing Showergel


Its texture, enriched with the precious pure essential oils of the original Olio del Re formula, boasts an immediate feeling of vitality that awakens skin and keeps it fresher for longer: arvense mint and scots pine give a new energy to body and mind; myrrh, cajeput and frankincense offer a reinvigorating sensation.

Tube 250ml

Never without it

Olio del Re Refreshing Showergel contains 100% pure, natural and active essential oils - those featuring the original formula. Now they’re combined in a pleasant texture for a fresh cleansing action that respects your skin whilst regenerating it. Perfect for a cooling action during summer and for a nordic-inspired indulgence during the coldest months of the year. Olio del Re Refreshing Showergel can’t be missing in your bathroom cabinet or beauty travel pouch.