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The Functional Foods originate from ZUCCARI’s experience and ability for innovation: products designed to offer the effectiveness of the best dietary supplements without sacrificing the pure pleasure of food.
Everyone knows that foods have specific properties that help the well-being of our body. Foods, however, are becoming increasingly poor-quality as a result of industrial food processing practises that pay little attention to the preservation of the nutritional characteristics of the food.
ZUCCARI responds to the problem of increasingly poor-quality food with Functional Foods:food that is already effective in nature, suitably dehydrated, concentrated and enriched with healthy substances that enhance their function. The result is an avant guard solution for a balanced diet and complete well-being, which takes only the best from nature:preserved because only processing that respects nutritional values is selected, functional because its bio-activity is maintained and enhanced, delicious because it is pleasant to consume as a food, practical because thanks to the convenient stick-pack format it can always be carried with you.
Discover all the dietary supplements from the Product Line Functional Food: an effective and tasty solution for every need!

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