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The essential oils in the Aromotecnica® Product line are characterized by a high quality, due to their purity, and therefore they are ideal for professional use, but they are also a solution that is available to consumers who are able to benefit from the most fragrant and aromatic essences of nature. The Aromotecnica® Product Line by ZUCCARI is divided into 42 essential oils, each of which is characterized as yin or yang depending upon its predominance.
The pure essential oils that make up the Aromotecnica® Product Line 
were studied, catalogued, and selected to offer a range of solutions specific to people’s needs. For this reason, each essential oil is accompanied by a detailed leaflet, which describes its origin, history and basic characteristics:

  • Predominance: yin (calming and relaxing) or yang (tonic-stimulant), juxtaposition of opposites that determine the vitality and harmony of the cosmos
  • Note: top, heart or base, indicating the area of the body in which the oil must act
  • Ruling planet: governs the growth of the plant determining its character
  • Chakra reference: from Oriental medicine, the seven chakras, namely the energy centres in our body
  • Result of TLC EXAM (Thin Layer Cromatography): only ZUCCARI ensures a chromatography of each essential oil, to ensure purity

Every enthusiast finds the solution to his needs with the ZUCCARI Aromotecnica® product line. In addition to essential oils, a selection of music CDs created specifically to work synergistically with the essential oils.
Each essential oil can be:

  • Inhaled deeply from the palms of your hands after rubbing in
  • Diluted in Waterfall Oil, a special massage oil by the ZUCCARI brand
  • Diluted in the bath daily
  • Diluted in water for toning foot baths
  • Diluted in hot water for suffumigations during the winter season
  • Diffused through traditional oil-burning
  • Diffused in the sauna environment to make it more effective and relaxing

Discover all the secrets of Aromotecnica® in the Professional Manual of Aromotecnica.

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