Essential Oils

The ZUCCARI Research and Development Department has devoted much time to the study of essential oils, examining in depth their characteristics, applications and interactions. The correlation between these and the well-being of the person is very close, ZUCCARI has classified each essential oil, placing it in a precise science that has been given the name Aromotecnica®, the evolution of aromatherapy.
The similarities between aromatherapy and Aromotecnica® are considerable. These two techniques have in common above all their initial assumption, that is, the theory that different essential oils, extracts from natural products, can boast markedly therapeutic properties. What differentiates the two disciplines is without a doubt the rigour of the approach: any substance used in Aromotecnica® is studied and catalogued under two profiles, the chemical and empirical approach, of scientific origin, and the energy and analogy approach, of traditional extraction.
ZUCCARI’S solid experience in the field, unrivalled expertise, excellent reputation and the trust of tens of thousands of consumers, make the essential oils a source of pride for the company and a certificate of guaranteed quality.
Discover the ZUCCARI essential oils from the Aromotecnica® product lines and Oil of the King®.