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Papaya is a tropical fruit with a sweet and decise taste. We can find it easily in South American countries, but also in Central Africa and India. Tipically, papaya plantations are fertile and wide extensions that allow to cultivate lushy fruits brimming with active principles.

  • First class: just papaya selected from plantations
  • Hand-picking: selection of the ripest fruits
  • Manual processing: to ensure the integrity of the raw material
    • Bio-fermentation: with carefully selected bacterial strains
    • Spray Dry: da delicate operation of atomization in order to obtain a pure, concentrated powder
    • Optigran®: granulation equal to 100 microns to optimize the oral solubility

Papaya fruits have a vital pulp that, once biofermented through the sophisticated production protocol developed by ZUCCARI, can boast huge antioxidating and immunomodulating features. The so obtained raw material is ready to become bio-fermented Papaya by ZUCCARI, the only one with 3 AN.IM.E. (the Italian acronym for “3 souls”)

The raw material thus obtained is subsequently implemented in 3 natural AN.IM.E from the ZUCCARI Product line of bio-fermented Papaya:
helps to prevent and counteract the effects of free radicals (ageing that you can see and feel).
helps to strengthen the immune system by helping the body defend itself from external attacks in any season: bio-fermented papaya is your ally in strengthening the body to face any situation!
The energy of Papaya Start-Up® with vitamin B12 naturally supports the body during all the day’s activities!

Choose your bio-fermented Papaya according to your current needs!

Papaya Defense is even more targeted on your natural defences.

Papaya Recupero is a great way to replenish your energy during convalescence

Papaya Start-up is your choice to kick-off the treatment.

Pure Papaya will help you counteract free radicals (i.e. ageing), without forgetting your defences.

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