FORDREN detox & shape è la linea di prodotti ZUCCARI specifici e ricchi di principi attivi selezionati per un’efficacia depurativa, drenante e snellente mirati al rimodellamento della silhouette secondo un percorso personalizzabile.

Have we met before, toxins?
Toxins are the waste of the metabolic activity of the body and are normally excreted through the activity of the execretory organs (including liver, kidney and skin). But what happens when our body suffers “attacks” of stress, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating, unruly times, smoke and alcohol? Toxins pile up, stressing the organs that deal with purification and undermining our well-being.

As a result, toxins that are not properly eliminated, stagnate in the tissues of our body and can cause:

  • Abdominal swelling, often associated with bowel irregularity and difficult digestion
  • Water retention, among the main causes of localized cellulite blemishes especially concentrated on on thighs and glutes area
  • Swelling, heaviness and fatigue that can affect legs and ankles.


Fordren boosted detox

ZUCCARI has developed a  concentrate mix of natural actives with declared efficacy (titrated actives). Products are formulated without common ingredients that could bring more toxins with them.

ZUCCARI has developed each Fordren with a diuretic and purifying formula



  • Caigua for the reduction of liquids
  • Artemisia for the digestive function
  • Red vine for the antioxidant function and to promote microcirculation
  • Horsetail for the reduction of the liquids
  • Silybum marianum for the purifying function
  • Acacia fiber for the balance of the intestinal flora
  • Magnesium to help the hydrosaline balance

In addition to the detoxifying and purifying formula, each product contains specific active ingredients to act in a targeted (or complete) way on each critical point of the silhouette


  • With Rhubarb for the regular intestinal transit


  • With Pineapple stem to combat cellulite


  • With Bilberry for the functionality of microcirculation (heaviness in the legs)


  • With Rhubarb for the regular intestinal transit
  • With Pineapple stem to combat cellulite
  • With Bilberry for the functionality of microcirculation (heaviness in the legs)


Fordren welcomes a new skincare range to act synergistically on your body shape

Fordren cosmetic textures have been formulated to optimize the effectiveness of massagecombined with the Fordren diuretic systemic activity. They can be matched with the same targeted Fordren (according to the area to be treated) or with Fordren Complete to act on multiple areas simultaneously.



The exclusive formula contains the same drainage phyto-actives, enriched with a phyto-active complex to optimize absorption targeted dermocosmetic action.

The texture of Fordren Cosmetics is easily absorbed and thus optimises a well-targeted massage, thereby:

  • stimulating lipolysis and the reduction of localised adiposity
  • fighting water retention and the imperfections of cellulite
  • reshaping the silhouette
  • firming and toning up the skin
    with Bitter orange, Butcher’s-broom, Jojoba oil

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