The Toxins are elements of body-waste that are distinguishable in two categories: the endogenous toxins are produced directly by the body, as a result of stress and metabolic processes, while the exogenous toxins are derived from external factors, such as improper nutrition, smoking and alcohol. An excess amount of toxins in the body are accumulated and retained according to their conformation, threatening the welfare of the body. The water-soluble toxins are retained in water and can cause water retention and bloating, fat-soluble toxins, fat-soluble toxins, however, are retained in adipose tissue and may lead to an increase in fat mass.
In 2005, ZUCCARI studied fisiodiur® for a targeted action against the ailments of the body generated by the accumulation of toxins. The chosen active ingredients help to combat liquid retention and bloating, encouraging the loss of liquids (thanks to Birch, Couch grass, Sweet-clover, Ortosiphon stamineus, Mouse-ear hawkweed, Horsetail, Equisetum arvense, Goldenrod). In addition, they promote microcirculation (thanks to Ginkgo Biloba), help the purification of the body (thanks to Taraxacum) and regulate the bowel movements (thanks to Plum, Tamarind, Inulin1, Fructo-oligosaccharides1, Psyllium2).
fisiodiur® is available in CLASSIC and START UP versions(a shock formula that contains double the amount of the active ingredients found in fisiodiur® CLASSIC): the first liquid loss product lines coherent with their aim they are natural diuretics that do not contain elements such as alcohol, colourings, sugars and preservatives, which may introduce additional toxins into the body.

Caratteristiche del fisiodiur

1 Only in DryDiur® in the product line fisiodiur® START UP
2 Only in the references® START UP MAN and fisiodiur® START UP ZERO/CENTO
3 Contains natural sugars
4 Excluding the formula DryDiur®

For further information on the purification of the body, discover The Great Book of liquid loss and Purification
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