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Toxins are substances that, accumulated daily in our body, damage our well-being.
What is stored inside the body is not only the waste from the normal metabolic activity of the body, but it is also the “price” of incorrect lifestyle habits (irregular hours, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, poor diet, medication).
The result is that the liver and kidneys fail to perform to their full purifying function (removing toxins), and there is an accumulation of these substances in the body.
Everyone, more or less consciously, arrives at the moment when we would like to eliminate these accumulated toxins and feel the need for deep body cleansing, but this awareness does not always translate into action. The reasons that may hinder us are: a basic mistrust in the efficiency of supplements; the awareness of inconsistent consumption, the certainty of not having the time to dedicate to ourselves.

DETOXASE 10 DAYS TOTAL BODY RESET is the first product to offer a SIMPLE, FAST and EFFECTIVE detox program suitable for all lifestyles.

DETOXASE STRONG 10 DAYS – TOTAL BODY RESET is the first kit developed to offer an EASY, FAST AND EFFECTIVE detox suitable for everyone.

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