Aloe OFM

ZUCCARI’s Aloe OFM is inspired to the formula known and divulgated from missionaries all over the world, traditionally used to treat people who couldn’t access to a proper medical system. ZUCCARI has created the same formulation with an extraordinary synergy where every single element gives its own talent and enhanches other actives’ benefits. A widespread of consumption has leaded to evaluate significant benefits of Aloe arborescens, Honey and Brandy. Therefore ZUCCARI’s Aloe OFM is commonly consumed when body needs an aid to overcome fatigue or stressful times.

What do safety and quality mean?

Homemade productions of Aloe arborescens are less likely to keep a balanced and safe standard. Moreover, the raw material could be polluted and ingredients could be not dosed the most suitable way. Safety and quality are the first bricks on which we build our well-being. When choosing ZUCCARI’s Aloe OFM, you are sure to take only the good features of Aloe.

The well-balanced formulation of Aloe OFM is developed by following strict production and control standards, in order to provide you with a top-quality and safe product.

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