Oil of the King

From the Aromotecnica® tradition by ZUCCARI, a special product line with 100% pure, natural essential oils with active ingredients, specially chosen for their noble natural properties of balance and well-being through correct breathing .
At birth our breathing is rounded, (i.e without interruption and therefore correct), but during the growing process everyday problems can break the rhythm causing reduced oxygenation that affects psychophysical well-being and all vital functions. It is through breathing that our body signals to us discomfort of a physical nature (e.g. seasonal ailments, allergies) or psychosomatic (e.g. when we are in anxiety-provoking situations, when the first thing we lack is breath).

The Product Line Olio del Re® (Oil of the King) deals with all issues related to breathing. The essential oils contained in the products of the Olio del Re® line have the noble task of helping the diaphragm to regulate the amount of oxygen in this way teaching the body correct breathing, thanks to their myo-relaxing and regulating properties.
Mentha Arvensis (mint), Myrrh, Cajeput, Frankincense and Scots pine characterise the original formula, but have also been chosen for the other products in the line, placing them side by side with other specific oils, to achieve the desired effect.
Thanks to extraordinary plants that are able to offer us their wellness properties, using a careful extraction process by means of a prolonged current of steam that preserves the active ingredients.
The product line offers immediate relief from all the little problems, seasonal and non seasonal linked to breathing, but also, the synergy of the products in the line, help to find balance and well-being daily, relieving the effects of stress, and living in a more serene atmosphere, thanks to aromatherapy.

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