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The Aloe vera plant, also known as Aloe barbadensis Miller, represents a real outdoor chemical laboratory, able to synthesize an endless amount of active principles such as mineral salts, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, plant proteins, essential amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, polysaccharides and anthraquinone compounds in an extraordinary balanced mix. All these activities are carried out using only water, sun and a nutrient-depleted soil.

ZUCCARI is famous for being an Aloe specialist. In 2001 it revolutionized the market thanks to an exclusive production protocol, based on a respectful processing of the plant, giving for the first time as a result an unpasteurized Aloe vera gel and juice, that retains in this way its bioactivity.

  • FIRST CLASS:Aloe vera produced exclusively from certified plantations
  • MANUAL HARVEST: selection of the most healthy and fleshy leaves
  • ACCURATE MANUAL WASHING: in order to effectively reduce the bacterial load without chemical treatments
  • MANUAL DECORTICATION: as even the most respectful industrial process could cause damage to the precious inner fillet

  • COLD FLUIDIZATION: in order to avoid compromising its bioactivity
  • NO PASTEURIZATION: a purified and correctly treated juice doesn’t need to be pasteurized
  • REVERSOSMOSE®: exclusive filtration process

From January 2014 ZUCCARI production protocol was enriched with a new process, applied for the first time to Aloe vera: Reversosmose®, a mechanical filtration process that enables the raw material to be concentrated twice without altering its bioactivity.

With the product Line ®[aloevera]2 Aloe vera properties are doubled: each consumer need can be satisfied thanks to In&Out ZUCCARI solutions, by dealing with any problems from the outside (cosmetics) and from the inside (pure juices to be drunk).
For further information about Aloe vera, discover The Great book of Aloe.