ZUCCARI cosmetics are an expression of the vision of the company, which wants to ensure to its consumers the use of raw materials that are processed respectfully, innovative products specifically designed for the needs of the consumer.
Each ZUCCARI product is characterized by the complete absence of added water, fully replaced by Aloe Vera juice. The extraordinary moisturising and emollient (soothing) properties of the Aloe Vera become the leitmotif that characterizes a cosmetic offer that is unparalleled in the world.
Depending on the problem to be treated, ZUCCARI offers unique combinations of high quality ingredients and innovative raw materials, selected to ensure a specific function.
ZUCCARI products are also enhanced by the use of exclusive patents, often as a result of solid discoveries at a world class level, the fruit of the work of the ZUCCARI Research and Development Department, a tangible sign of the commitment of the company.
ZUCCARI cosmetics are primarily natural and effective solutions for skin problems.
All the products are able to meet the most varied needs of each skin type. The Research and Development Department is very aware that “natural” may not be enough: this selects the most —active ingredients and ensures that they are processed with respect for the raw material.
All skin types, including sensitive ones, can count on advanced and respectful formulas, dermatology tested at the University of Ferrara.