Creamgel by Zuccari

Creamgel® is an advanced formulation that revolutionizes international cosmetics with a new technique for the production of high quality creams.

Technically, a cream or emulsion is a biphasic compound, i.e a mixture of two types of liquids:

  1. Aqueous phase: water + water-soluble substances
  2. Oil phase: oil + fat-soluble substances

Normally, 50% of the liquid is used during the aqueous phase, and 50% is used in the oily phase. This allows the attainment of stable compounds, in which immiscible substances such as oil and water are able to coexist with each other. These compounds characterize common cosmetics, which give texture, absorbency and pleasant application.
ZUCCARI has replaced the entire aqueous phase with pure aloe vera, setting the conditions for creating the first emulsion composed of up to 96% of pure aloe vera gel.

Thanks to the high percentage of 100% pure Aloe contents, the obtained product has the same soothing, nourishing, scar-healing and skin restoring properties of a pure Aloe gel, but lacks the characteristic sticky texture. The fresh and soft texture makes the product easy to spread and suitable to be used on large areas of the body.
The products based on Creamgel®, are often defined as non creamy/ no-cream creams, or gel creams, thanks to their structural technology.
Creamgel® achieved patent status on May 18th, 2011 (patent no. 0001388309).

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