Crackle Technology<sup>®</sup>

Crackle Technology<sup>®</sup>

Crackle Technology by Zuccari

crackle technology® is a ZUCCARI patent which consists of a technology that is designed to improve the skin penetration of functional ingredients.

crackle technology® is an "empty" technology, as it can be used to create any specific product for topical use. The technology can therefore be used, for example, to create anti-cellulite or hair loss products, which require a deep penetration of active ingredients.
crackle technology® is a mixture of gas that can be mixed with any type of active ingredient or excipient, and inserted into a spray can. Once in contact with the air, this mixture begins to crackle gently thanks to the "micro-explosions" that give the feeling of having a crisp mousse on skin.

Once the mixture containing the crackle technology® is applied to the skin, simply massage in gently to guide the power created by the micro-explosions and encourage the penetration of the active ingredients deeper into the skin.
You can see and feel the effectiveness of the product! When you apply the crackle technology® on the skin, the light tingling sensation is highlighted by the loud crackle that makes every crackle technology product® unique.
Clinical Tests conducted at the prestigious University of Ferrara, demonstrate that the active ingredients with crackle technology® penetrate deeper than the application of gels or normal creams. The results speak for themselves: [...] it was found that the crispy mousse with crackle technology ® induces an increase in the penetration of the methyl nicotinate(an active ingredient chosen for the test, Ed.), found in the first 5 minutes, resulting in a greater increase in temperature in the area of application.

crackle technology® achieved patent status 15th February 2010 (Patent No. 0001370409).

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