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Patent 1-10

Brevetto 1-10 di Zuccari

ZUCCARI patent 1-10 is a patent which consists of a sophisticated mix of acids that allow the realization of an instant drink that is just as delicious as a yoghurt drink. Patent 1-10 is represented by a powder that turns any type of...
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Crackle Technology<sup>®</sup>

Crackle Technology by Zuccari

crackle technology® is a ZUCCARI patent which consists of a technology that is designed to improve the skin penetration of functional ingredients. crackle technology® is an "empty" technology, as it can be used to create any specific product for topical use. The technology...
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Papaya Cosmage<sup>®</sup>

Papaya Cosmage by Zuccari

PAPAYA COSMAGE, patented bio-fermented papaya for cosmetic and anti-ageing uses is a ZUCCARI patent. The fruit of the papaya (Carica papaya) is a mine of useful and valuable substances for our body, such as proteolytic enzymes, carotenoids and vitamin C. The papaya is widely...
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Creamgel by Zuccari

Creamgel® is an advanced formulation that revolutionizes international cosmetics with a new technique for the production of high quality creams. Technically, a cream or emulsion is a biphasic compound, i.e a mixture of two types of liquids:
  1. Aqueous phase: water + water-soluble substances
  2. Oil phase: oil...
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