Ajda by Zuccari

AJDA, an Italian acronym (“Acido Ialuronico Da Aloe”) for "Hyaluronic Acid Aloe Vera" is the name of an innovative protocol for the production of hyaluronic acid developed by ZUCCARI's R & D department.
AJDA is a complex process that allows the production of hyaluronic acid to occur not in water, as it typically does, but in pure unpasteurized Aloe Vera.

The raw material thus obtained represents a real revolution in the world of hyaluronic acid, because it manages to combine the properties of Aloe Vera (emollient/softening, lenitive/soothing, moisturising, scar-healing, smoothing, nourishing, anti-fungal, germicidal, purifying, anti-inflammatory, protective, antioxidant, radio protective, regenerating and desensitising) with the numerous virtues attributed to Hyaluronic Acid (plumping, moisturising, elasticizing and protective, providing a brightening and firming effect).

AJDA marks a turning point in the world of natural raw materials because it allows the creation of products that are much more effective than the traditional ones; in fact, the production protocol brings about a substance that can be used as an ingredient, and eventually completely replace the water that is in cosmetics in food supplements. This results in the realization of high-quality and extraordinary effective products.

The innovative protocol AJDA originates from the experience of ZUCCARI's R&D department, which expressed some points of business thinking about this raw material, such as the selection, or even the invention of effective raw materials, continuous research for quality and the spirit of innovation.

AJDA achieved patent status on 17th May 2012 (patent no. 0001393969).

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