fisiodiur is the natural food supplement which detoxies the body.

It has 5 great activities:

  1. flushing and diuretic (aquaretic): enhances the urinary elimination of the toxins coming from all areas of the body;
  2. purifying: stimulates liver and intestine, thereby limiting the metabolization of toxic elements, to the body´s great benefit. As first proof of this improvement, skin looks glossy and healthy;
  3. regulating intestinal functions: encourages intestine mobility and enable the immediate elimination of most metabolites caused by incomplete digestion;
  4. improving microcirculation: when circulation loses its efficacy because of common organic dysfunctions, the tissues have trouble re-absorbing storages of liquids. Direct consequences are the well known pockets of cellulite, slight swelling, and a general sense of fatigue. Improving circulation improves tissue oxygenation. Results include a shinier skin a pleasant feeling in one´s stomach, and legs that feel less swollen and heavy;
  5. remineralizing: water is eliminated through kidneys, intestine mobility and sweat. But together with liquids and toxins, we also expel minerals, which are fundamental for bodies functionality. As a result, the salt stores in the body liquids are likely to undergo  variations, which could mine the balance within the cellular environment and its functionality.

Poor 10 ml of Fisiodiur into 1 liter of water, than shake the liquid and drink it during the day.


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