3nergy by Zuccari

An innovative ZUCCARI patent that optimizes the bioavailability of phytoestrogens.
The idea for this product was born in 2006, during the development of a dietary supplement containing isoflavones intended to combat the female health issues of women over the age of 30.
After months of thorough research on the subject, ZUCCARI considered that not all women have a bowel that is a suitable environment for the reception and the action of isoflavones and, for this reason, they react differently.
In response to the intestinal instability characteristic to each female subject, ZUCCARI develops 3NERGY ®, a patent that combines in a single formulation isoflavones, milk enzymes and phlorhizin.
Each of these components plays an essential role:

  1. The phytoestrogens are plant hormones that are present in a number of plant species that effectively counteract a hormonal imbalance. The most suitable phytoestrogens to correct the woman's deficiencies are the isoflavones. This is due to the fact that hormonal activity is determined by the molecular structure, and that the isoflavones have a strong structural similarity to female hormones. ZUCCARI uses isoflavones extracted from the Kudzu (Pueraria lobata), a wild plant that grows naturally and, as it is not usually subjected to treatment or changes, it is the only source of phytoestrogens guaranteed to be NON-GMO;
  2. The milk enzymes act on the phytoestrogens transforming them to facilitate the absorption of isoflavones;
  3. The phlorhizin acts like a master key, allowing the passage of isoflavones through the intestinal wall. The phlorhizin is a molecule that is present in the epicarp of the Malus pumila, the peel of the common apple. It is used in the patent to increase the bioavailability of phytoestrogens encouraging their absorption in the intestines.

In 3NERGY ®, these 3 elements work in synergy to optimize the bioavailability of phytoestrogens and thus allow every woman to effectively combat the problems related to female hormonal imbalances. The product containing 3NERGY® developed by ZUCCARI is re-code Platinum, which helps to counteract the typical weight control problems encountered by women over the age of 30, actually caused by a case of hormonal imbalance.
3NERGY® achieved patent status on 9th February 2012 (patent no. 0001392101).

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